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Shape RMA 0A
Shape RMA 0A
Rolled goods


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  • 305461
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Product dimensions:

Grain SU:


Rolls with E-paper backing and closed aluminium oxide coating.

• Synthetic resin bonding for long lifetime
• Closed coated aluminium oxide for high material abrasion
• Good for wood finishing

Machine suitability:
This product is sold in long rolls: the abrasive can then be cut to length for use in manual grinding.

Material suitability:
This high-quality RHODIUS abrasive paper has been designed especially for processing stainless steel (SST, Inox), e.g. 1.4031 (X5CrNi18-10 or 304), steel (carbon steel – also termed structural steel, St37, S235JR or 1.0037) and cast steel. Users will also achieve very good results on wood with the KERR.

Structure and production:
The backing type used here is an E-weight paper. The abrasive paper is coated with aluminium oxide. The grain features an exceptionally closed coating. A long lifetime is ensured by the synthetic resin bonding.

The KERR gives users a tool that easily meets the demanding requirements for quality in manufacturing and the skilled trades.

The closed aluminium oxide coating enables very high material abrasion.

This product is available in rolls with a length of 50 m and a width of 115 mm (shape RWA 0B). To ensure an optimum working result and surface finish at all times, the user can select from several grit levels ranging from 40 to 240.

RHODIUS rolls can be cut to length by hand as required, and are perfectly suited to tackling the many applications and challenges faced in the machine and metalwork shop, in plant construction, plumbing, interior fit-out and renovation, as well as installation work.


Grain Grain
Material suitability:
Stainless steel Stainless steel Steel Steel Wood Wood
Machine suitability:
Handgeführt Handgeführt

Product variants:

size Product dimensions Grain SU box Content computer Article no. Product category number GTIN barcode packing unit
115 x 50.000 40 1 305461 PK06 4011890077030
115 x 50.000 60 1 305462 PK06 4011890077047
115 x 50.000 80 1 305463 PK06 4011890077054
115 x 50.000 100 1 305464 PK06 4011890077061
115 x 50.000 120 1 305465 PK06 4011890077078
115 x 50.000 150 1 305466 PK06 4011890077085
115 x 50.000 180 1 305467 PK06 4011890077092
115 x 50.000 240 1 305468 PK06 4011890077108

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