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  • 333042
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Product dimensions:

Grain SU:


Aluminium oxide fibre disc for the quick change system – the grain enables excellent stock removal performance on steel.

• Good stock removal
• Long lifetime
• Rapid tool changeover without sticking or slippage

Machine suitability:
A backing pad is required when using the RHODIUS KFS QUICK quick change fibre disc. The quick change disc is mounted onto the backing pad in a matter of seconds. This adapter makes it possible to use the product easily on a machine with a flexible shaft drive (with angled hand piece and 6 mm spindle).

Material suitability:
The product has been designed especially for processing steel (carbon steel – structural steel, St37, S235JR and 1.0037) and cast steels, as well as aluminium and other non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass and bronze, etc. Users will achieve very good results with the RHODIUS KFS QUICK on any of the materials listed here.

Structure and production:
Developed for the quick change system, this fibre disc uses aluminium oxide as an abrasive grain and achieves good stock removal performance while simultaneously offering a long product lifetime. The backing type used here is a polyester-based X-weight cloth.

The RHODIUS KFS QUICK quick change disc gives users a tool that easily meets the demanding requirements for quality in manufacturing and the skilled trades. To help make work even more cost-effective, RHODIUS quick change discs from the premium TOP line are recommended.

This tool is an excellent choice for high-precision grinding work on steel, and especially where this involves very small spaces or hard-to-reach areas. The quick change system permits rapid tool changeover without sticking or slippage.

The KFS QUICK is available in the diameters of 51 mm and 76 mm. To ensure an optimum working result and surface finish at all times, the user can select from various grits, ranging from 24 to 120.

A RHODIUS quick change disc is the perfect tool for tackling the many kinds of applications and challenges found in car repair and servicing shops, in metalwork shops, in plant and tank construction, and for general installation work. These tools makes work easier by offering first-class performance on steel and non-ferrous metals.


Grain Grain
Material suitability:
Steel Steel Non-ferrous metals Non-ferrous metals
Machine suitability:
Straight grinder Straight grinder Air grinder Air grinder

Product variants:

size Product dimensions Grain SU rpm Maximum revolutions box Content computer Article no. Product category number GTIN barcode packing unit
51 24 25000 U/min 100 333042 PK06 4011890119914
51 36 25000 U/min 100 333043 PK06 4011890126578
51 40 25000 U/min 100 333044 PK06 4011890119921
51 50 25000 U/min 100 333045 PK06 4011890119938
51 60 25000 U/min 100 333046 PK06 4011890119945
51 80 25000 U/min 100 333047 PK06 4011890119952
51 100 25000 U/min 100 333048 PK06 4011890119969
51 120 25000 U/min 100 333049 PK06 4011890119976
76 24 20000 U/min 50 333050 PK06 4011890119983
76 36 20000 U/min 50 333051 PK06 4011890119990
76 40 20000 U/min 50 333052 PK06 4011890120002
76 50 20000 U/min 50 333053 PK06 4011890120019
76 60 20000 U/min 50 333054 PK06 4011890120026
76 80 20000 U/min 50 333055 PK06 4011890120033
76 100 20000 U/min 50 333056 PK06 4011890120040
76 120 20000 U/min 50 333057 PK06 4011890120057

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