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  • 305370

Felt hardness (D)/ flap thickness (H):

Product dimensions:

Use the felt polishing flap disc with the corresponding polishing paste for pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing.

• For use on angle polishers • Processing of surfaces up to mirror finish • High-grade wool felt


Grain Grain
Material suitability:
Stainless steel Stainless steel Steel Steel Non-ferrous metals Non-ferrous metals
Machine suitability:
Freehand angle grinder Freehand angle grinder

Product variants:

size Product dimensions Felt hardness (D)/ flap thickness (H) rpm Maximum revolutions box Content computer Article no. Product category number GTIN
115 x 22,23 D5/H25 8500 U/min 2 305370 PK07 4011890080290
115 x 22,23 D5/H40 8500 U/min 2 305371 PK07 4011890080306
125 x 22,23 D5/H25 7700 U/min 2 305372 PK07 4011890080313
125 x 22,23 D5/H40 7700 U/min 2 305373 PK07 4011890080320

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