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Shape 27
Shape 27
Grinding disc


Content: 10 Unit

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  • 200349
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Product dimensions:


Grinding disc with special filler materials prevents clogging while ensuring efficient and continuous grinding.

• High stock removal performance
• No clogging of the disc
• Minimum material heating

Machine suitability:
The RHODIUS RS24 FUSION is a grinding disc (shape 27) for angle grinders in any performance class.

Material suitability:
The RHODIUS RS24 has been developed specially for the processing of non-ferrous metals (such as aluminium, bronze and brass). The RS24 grinding disc is an excellent choice for chamfering, welding seam preparation, for finishing work on welding seams, as well as for deburring work and rounding off edges. This tool is also suitable for surface grinding work.

Structure and production:
The disc is manufactured to EN 12413, safety-tested and certified to oSa standards. Every thousandth disc undergoes safety testing at almost double the normal working speed. The product features a high-quality abrasive grain mix of silicon carbide (SiC) and aluminium oxide (corundum) plus a matching phenol resin formulation, and is reinforced by three full-coverage glass cloth layers. This grinding disc therefore comfortably exceeds the side load criterion of 290 N required by safety regulations.

With the RS24, users get the best RHODIUS tool in its category. RHODIUS TOPline products represent a maximum level of performance and quality.

The RS24 offers an impressive and aggressive level of stock removal performance.

The RS24 grinding disc has a disc width of 7.0 mm, and is available in diameters from 115 mm to 230 mm.

This grinding disc is the preferred choice for tasks in metalwork shops and in shipyards.


Stock removal
Width in mm Width in mm
Material suitability:
Non-ferrous metals Non-ferrous metals
m/s m/s
Machine suitability:
Freehand angle grinder Freehand angle grinder

Product variants:

size Product dimensions rpm Maximum revolutions box Content computer Article no. Product category number GTIN barcode packing unit
115 x 7,0 x 22,23 13300 U/min 25 200349 PK04 4011890044414
125 x 7,0 x 22,23 12250 U/min 25 200357 PK04 4011890044421
180 x 7,0 x 22,23 8500 U/min 10 200364 PK04 4011890044438
230 x 7,0 x 22,23 6650 U/min 10 200377 PK04 4011890044452

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