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Shape 41
Shape 41
Straight cutting disc


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Content: 25 Unit

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  • 206811
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Product dimensions:

Cast part freehand cutting disc for compressed-air turbine grinders and powerful, high-frequency/electric angle grinders with first-class performance and quality. Not suitable for materials with metal penetration.

• With aluminium oxide and zirconium
• Very suitable for use on soft to medium-hard cast parts 


Width in mm Width in mm
Material suitability:
Steel Steel Cast iron Cast iron
m/s m/s
Machine suitability:
Freehand angle grinder Freehand angle grinder

Special technologies:

Product variants:

size Product dimensions rpm Maximum revolutions box Content computer Article no. GTIN
180 × 3.2 × 22.23* 8500 U/min 25 206811 4011890058428
230 × 2.8 × 22.23* 6650 U/min 25 206815 4011890058466
230 × 3.2 × 22.23 6650 U/min 25 206818 4011890058497

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