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Shape CK 00
Shape CK 00
Self-fastening disc without holes


Content: 50 Unit

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  • 333070
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Product dimensions:

Grain SU:


Highly tear-resistant self-fastening disc with stable mesh pad for working on paints, varnishes and fillers.

• Optimum dust extraction results in a much longer lifetime

• High tear strength and minimal clogging leads to improved stock removal

• Open mesh structure means no dependence on hole system

Machine suitability::

With its open mesh structure, the RHODIUS KSN V self fastening disc is suitable for use on a wide range of popular industry rotary sanders. Effective extraction units should be used, however, to ensure the best working results and a long tool lifetime.

Material suitability::

This product has been designed especially for processing GFRP, paint and filler, as well as stainless steel (SST, Inox), e.g. 1.4031 (X5CrNi18-10 or 304) and steel (carbon steel – also termed structural steel, St37, S235JR or 1.0037). Users can even achieve very good results on wood with the RHODIUS KSN V.

Construction and manufacture::

The abrasive grain used here is high-quality, high-performance aluminium oxide. The high tear strength and open structure of the mesh also ensures that good dust extraction can be achieved. The end result is minimal clogging and a long lifetime as well as a working environment with low levels of dust pollution. Thanks to its open mesh structure, the RHODIUS KSN V self fastening disc can be used on a wide range of popular rotary sanders, regardless of the specific hole system used.


The KSN V self fastening disc provides users with the best RHODIUS tool in its category. RHODIUS TOPline products represent a maximum level of performance and quality.


The KSN V is an excellent choice for grinding of coatings and sanding off surface impurities.
This tool also makes short work of grinding off uneven areas on the edges of the surface to be repaired. This self fastening disc is also the tool of choice for smoothing off filler and primer coats or fine grinding work on primer filler.


This self fastening disc is available in the diameters of 125 mm and 150 mm. To ensure an optimum working result and surface finish at all times, the user can select from grits ranging from 80 to 400.


The RHODIUS self fastening disc was developed with the requirements of the automotive industry in mind. This product is the perfect tool for the many applications and challenges faced in car repair shops, vehicle construction, plant and tank construction, metalwork shops and in general installation work.


Grain Grain
Material suitability:
Steel Steel Wood Wood Paints/fillers Paints/fillers GFRP GFRP
Machine suitability:
Rotary sander Rotary sander

Product variants:

size Product dimensions Grain SU box Content computer Article no. Product category number GTIN barcode packing unit
125 80 50 333070 PK06 4011890103357
125 120 50 333072 PK06 4011890103371
125 150 50 333073 PK06 4011890103388
125 180 50 333074 PK06 4011890103395
125 240 50 333075 PK06 4011890103401
125 320 50 333076 PK06 4011890103418
125 400 50 333077 PK06 4011890103425
150 80 50 333058 PK06 4011890103234
150 120 50 333060 PK06 4011890103258
150 150 50 333061 PK06 4011890103265
150 180 50 333062 PK06 4011890103272
150 240 50 333063 PK06 4011890103289
150 320 50 333064 PK06 4011890103296
150 400 50 333065 PK06 4011890103302
150 500 48 333066 PK06 4011890103319
150 600 48 333067 PK06 4011890103326
150 800 48 333068 PK06 4011890103333

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