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Backing pad
Backing pad
Backing pad


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  • 333643
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Product dimensions:


High-quality backing pad for self-fastening discs and polishing tools.

• 3 separate hardness grades for grinding and polishing
• For all paper self fastening discs without holes

Machine suitability:
The RHODIUS RHST V backing pad is designed for use on rotary sanders and angle grinders equipped with an M14 spindle. This product is used for all paper self fastening discs without perforation.

Structure and production:
The tool is available in three separate hardness grades, for grinding to polishing work.

The RHST V backing pad gives users a tool that meets even the requirements for quality in manufacturing and the skilled trades. For even better working results, RHODIUS backing pads from the premium PRO or TOP lines are recommended.

The high-quality backing pad for self fastening discs is available in the diameters of 115 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm, and in the hardness grades of hard, medium and soft. This product can be used for all paper self fastening discs without perforation.


Körnung Körnung
Machine suitability:
Rotary sander Rotary sander

Product variants:

size Product dimensions rpm Maximum revolutions box Content computer Article no. Product category number GTIN barcode packing unit
115 x M14 13000 U/min 1 333641 PK06 4011890109069
125 x M14 12000 U/min 1 333642 PK06 4011890109076
150 x M14 10000 U/min 1 333643 PK06 4011890109083
150 x M14 8500 U/min 1 333644 PK06 4011890109090
150 x M14 5700 U/min 1 333646 PK06 4011890109113

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