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The RH403S offers quick and easy chasing of slots and ducts in materials such as masonry. Built-in electronics include a soft starter, a temperature and overload cut-out, as well as an overload indicator. Last but not least, the machine also features a slim design. For the wall chasing machine, RHODIUS offers the two diamond cutting discs LD403S with a width of 18 mm and LD404 with a width of 28.5 mm, with diameters of 125 mm and 150 mm. Thanks to the ALL IN ONE system with its staggered segments, made-to-measure wall slots can be created. Minimal hood clearance means the machine can perform edgeless work up to 18 mm when chasing with diamond discs. The cutting depth can be set to any value from 12 to 45 mm simply by adjusting the safety hood – which is quick, simple and needs no tools. Thanks to the split safety spindle with matching spacers, operators can easily swap out the tool to ensure that setup time is kept to a minimum. The ALL IN ONE can be used only with the split spindle. The chasing machine also features a flexible safety cable. The ejector with a diameter of 35 mm is intended for direct connection to a class M industrial vacuum cleaner. The ergonomic handle with a two-stage start switch and the machine’s push-to-cut action both help to ensure comfortable and precise working. Min. performance requirement of the machine: Ø 125mm - 1,800 W/ Ø 150 mm - 2,200 W Not suitable for use on angle grinders.

• Perfectly matched to the ALL IN ONE
• Foldable hood makes initial cut and milling slots virtually dust-free
• Powerful 2,300 W high-torque motor
• Electronics – soft start, thermal/overload cut-off, overload indicator
• Suction hose lock prevents unintentional disconnection of the hose during milling work
• Tool-free and user-friendly adjustment of milling depth, from 12 to 45 mm
• Spindle lock for easy tool change
• Slim design
• Low clearance between hood and diamond discs allows for working up to 18 mm from the edge
• Closed hood for optimum flow conditions
• Push-to-cut ensures convenient handling
• Extraction nozzle Ø 35 mm for direct connection of a Class M industrial extraction unit
• Spacer rings for individual disc use and special brick chisel available in the add-on kit

Machine suitability:

The RHODIUS RH403S wall chaser is perfectly designed to complement the RHODIUS ALL IN ONE diamond cutting discs. The scope of delivery includes: 1x RH403S wall chaser, 1x LD404 ALL IN ONE diamond cutting disc (for 20 and 25 mm ductwork), 2x 11 mm spacers for the LD404, 2x 17 mm spacers for the LD402 and 1x sturdy metal equipment case. Spacer rings for individual disc use and a special brick chisel are available as an expansion set.

Material suitability:

The combination of the RHODIUS RH403S and RHODIUS ALL IN ONE offers a straightforward approach to wall slot chasing
in just one work step. This really shows its strengths when used on aerated concrete, pumice, concrete
and fireclay, letting users work extremely quickly.

Structure and production:

The wall chaser is equipped with a powerful motor offering 2,300 W of tractive power, all encased in a very streamlined housing. Thanks to the split safety spindle and perfectly matched spacer rings, operators can swap out the diamond discs quickly and easily. Setup time is reduced to a minimum. The RHODIUS RH403S features a soft starter, a temperature and overload cut-out, as well as an overload indicator. A class M industrial vacuum cleaner can also be connected directly to the RH403S. The hose lock prevents unintentional disconnection of the extraction hose during chasing work.


The RH403S wall chaser provides users with the best RHODIUS tool in its category. RHODIUS TOPline products represent a maximum level of performance and quality.


The RH403S offers quick and easy chasing of grooves and ducts in masonry. No problematic knocking out of the middle ridge is needed. The combination of the RHODIUS RH403S wall chaser and the ALL IN ONE diamond disc system completes both steps simultaneously thanks to its unique design of diamond segments arranged in a crisscross formation. The material is transported to the outside. This principle of operation also prevents rapid clogging of the disc. The end result is a precisely chased wall slot with very little rework required. Material is removed quickly, cleanly and with virtually nothing left over. Operators using the RH403S plus the ALL IN ONE will complete their wall chasing jobs in almost half the time.


The RHODIUS RH403S wall chaser is compatible with the RHODIUS LD402 diamond cutting discs with a width of 18 mm and the RHODIUS LD404 discs with a width of 28.5 mm. Users can select from a diameter of 125 mm or 150 mm. The minimal gap between the protective cover and the diamond cutting disc lets operators work as close as 18 mm
to the edge. The chasing depth can be adjusted easily, continuously and without tools from 12 mm to 45 mm.


The RHODIUS RH403S wall chaser is the perfect tool for the day-to-day challenges faced in the construction and plumbing trades, in interior fit-out and renovations. The tool makes work easier, more precise and considerably faster.


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Machine suitability:
Wall chasing machine Wall chasing machine

Product variants:

Type designation box Content computer Article no. Product category number GTIN barcode packing unit
RH403S + LD404 ALL IN ONE Ø 150 mm (353315) 1 304014 PKSON 4011890110447
RH403S - Ergänzungskit 1 304015 PKSON 4011890110454

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