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Shape 42
Shape 42
Depressed cutting disc


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Product dimensions:


The 0.8 mm cutting disc with ultra low-noise operation. Produces a precise and nearly burr-free cut.

• Precise cut, less force required
• Minimum bur formation for less rework
• Cool cut reduces tarnish colours and material distortion

Machine suitability::
The XTK8 EXACT X-LOCK cutting disc is suitable for freehand use with all angle grinders in any performance class (including low-power and battery-powered machines). Battery consumption is very light with this tool. The small contact area keeps energy consumption to a minimum.

Material suitability::
The XTK8 EXACT X-LOCK has been designed especially for use on stainless steel (SST, Inox), e.g. 1.4031 (X5CrNi18-10 or 304), steel (carbon steel – also termed structural steel, St37, S235JR and 1.0037) and cast steels.

Construction and manufacture::
The cutting disc contains high-quality corundum (aluminium oxide) and 2 full-coverage glass cloth layers. The minimum side load for the cutting disc as defined by EN 12413 and oSa is 40 N. The expiry date (three years) is embossed in the disc hole ring. Consistently high quality is ensured by sophisticated in-process controls applied during manufacturing. To ensure a maximum level of safety, every thousandth disc is tested destructively. This disc features a straight shape (shape 42). The cutting disc is especially stable during cutting.

With the XTK8 EXACT X-LOCK, users get the best RHODIUS tool in its category. RHODIUS TOPline products represent a maximum level of performance and quality.

The XTK8 EXACT X-LOCK offers impressive performance during use with its especially light and fast cut. Precise work when processing thin-walled material is also easy to achieve. The disc stands out thanks to its minimal sparking, low dust generation and very low level of burr formation, while also minimising tarnish colouring on the material. All of which makes work easier and is especially cost-effective. This high-quality RHODIUS tool is especially suitable for cutting threaded rods, structural steel, spring steels, thin-walled metal sheets, rustproof and acid-proofed steel, high-alloy steel, high-strength sheet metal, plastic-coated and painted metal sheets, galvanised structural parts and cable ducts. Thanks to its narrow gap widths, this cutting disc is also ideal for MIG welding work and body work processing.

The extra-thin X-LOCK cutting disc has a disc width of 0.8 mm, is available in the diameters of 115 mm and 125 mm, and is suitable for use on angle grinders from a wide range of makers. All RHODIUS discs for X-LOCK are also backwards compatible. Which means: they can also be used on a traditional angle grinder with a spindle for a 22.23 mm hole.

This makes it the perfect tool for handling the many applications and challenges facing building fitters, as well as in plant and vehicle construction and bodywork, boiler and tank construction, structural steel engineering, pipeline construction and plumbing work.

The RHODIUS cutting discs for stainless steel are iron- and sulphur-free. To avoid rusting, you should never change from normal steel back to stainless steel with the same disc.


Width in mm Width in mm
Material suitability:
Stainless steel Stainless steel Steel Steel Non-ferrous metals Non-ferrous metals
Safety instructions:
Iron- and sulphur-free Iron- and sulphur-free
m/s m/s
Machine suitability:
Freehand angle grinder Freehand angle grinder

Special technologies:

Very innovative products with unique problem solving competence.
Abrasive discs with patented HydroProtect technology to safeguard against moisture-related ageing processes.
Ultra-thin cutting discs to ensure maximum precision and less rework.
Performance-optimised series of extra-thin cutting discs for 30% more performance.

Product variants:

size Product dimensions rpm Maximum revolutions box Content computer Article no. Product category number GTIN barcode packing unit
115 x 0,8 x 22,23 13300 U/min 25 211319 PK01 4011890124598
125 x 0,8 x 22,23 12250 U/min 25 211320 PK01 4011890124604

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